Best Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

By Lanee’ Blunt

There are some profitable ways to make money from home. Turn a small space into an office or an empty bedroom into a home office where you can see clients. It doesn’t have to be fancy but you’ll need somewhere to place a desk, chair, and a sitting area for clients.

Starting a home business is a solution for many people whether you're a mom with small children at home, a student, or you've been laid off there are plenty of opportunities out there to start a small business inexpensively.  Working from home will offer you independence and some have the potential to grow into a full-time business. You have a decision to make if you are going to sell a service or a product.

Service Home Business

Resume Writing

A resume writing service can be started at very low cost and can be set up quickly. If you can write a professional resume and have a way with people, you can help them when they need you the most. Help job seekers create a powerful tool that will highlight their job experience and achievements. Most fees for resume writing range between $100 and $400 according to resume-resource.com. Advertise your resume writing service in the employment classified section of your local newspaper. Advertise in colleges by placing your fliers on bulletin boards around the campus.

Freelance Writing

If you love writing everyday then you should consider being a freelance writer.  You can write query letters and write for magazine publishers, write a nonfiction book, or novel.  Write content for corporations, small businesses, or the medical field.  There are websites that post jobs for writers such as Freelancer.com and Elance.com give them a try for online freelance work.

Data Entry

Starting a data entry business doesn't require a lot of overhead, and is a business to get into with minimum upfront investment.  You can work the business as a home based business or if you are planning on hiring employees lease office space. You will have to find clients, have an eye for detail, and be an excellent typist.

Data entry work exists in many types of companies and corporations.  Cold call corporations, small businesses, and other industries if you are starting your business without referrals. Get clients by looking at job boards, search the internet, and send direct mail.  Start with a few clients and ask for referrals.  Once you have established a steady client base and have an inflow of funds, hire employees to service more clients. Your pay is depended on speed and volume.


Work as a consultant. Do you have experience in an existing field? Put your skills and experience to work in a home business and hire your services out on an hourly rate or a flat fee. Market your education and experience and find work online or send direct mail to local companies and corporations. Consider opening a consultant home business.  If you are an expert in your field or know something better than most people you can hire out your services.  Network and contact people that you have done work for in the past and let them know about your business.  Print business cards; create a website and cold call.

Computer Technician

If you have experience there are a lot of people and small business that need you, for example doctor’s and dentist offices because some are not automated or they need to be updated.  Set up your business from home. You can bill them by the hour or a flat fee.

Personal trainer

You don't need a studio to work as a personal trainer you can visit clients at their homes and offices. Some people don't have time to go to the gym and they want the convenience of working with a personal trainer. The National Federation of Professional Trainers will provide information on certification, insurance and marketing.

Apply for Business License

Acquire a “Doing Business As,” DBA. Register a legal name for your business if you are going to use a name other than your own name. Apply for the DBA with a registration form with your state and local government.

Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the US Internal Revenue Service if you have hired employees. Open a business bank account so that you can keep your personal finances separate from your business.

Start Up
You can start up a service business with a low startup cost. The biggest finance will be equipment. You will need a computer with modem and printer, fax machine, and internet service. Create a website and print up brochures.

Product Home Business

Online Store

Sell products on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist. Or you can set up an online store and sell products on your own website with a drop-shipping service. Get a web host. It will provide you with space and support to create your website. Design your website because it will be considered your store front. You can also sell used goods or buy goods wholesale. Sell many of your own products with your own ecommerce store, and work with wholesale suppliers.

E commerce store you can sell many of your own items, but you can also work with wholesale suppliers. A cheap web hosting and templates help you to build a website for your own catalog on the web.
You must have sales tax ID. To sell products you need to collect sales taxes, you must apply for a Sales Tax Permit from your state or local government. In order to deal with wholesalers and distributors you will need the tax ID before they will let you open an account with them.

There are many web hosting services that allow you to use your own domain name. Design your website. Get an account with an online provider such as Amazon, Yahoo, or eBay. Set up a drop shipping arrangement with them. Start promoting your online store.


If you are good at creating your own products for example, crafts, candle making, ceramics or baked goods you can set up an Etsy.com account.  If you are not creative you can buy products wholesale and sell them online on sites like eBay, and Craigslist. 

Homemade crafts are beautiful and are high quality, and are popular with consumers shopping for unique gift items and home decor.  Many people don't sell their crafts because they don't know where they might get the highest exposure and where to sell them.  Making and selling crafts at home requires an opportunity to make good money, find new customers at little cost and operate with little or no overhead.

High Quality
Make a high quality item. Customers want very high quality when it comes to buying handmade items.  They pay for superior workmanship.

Take high quality photographs of all your crafts that you are selling. Write good product descriptions of the items. Use a unique selling position.

Choose Place to Sell Online

Sign up. You will need a credit card to confirm your identity. You can customize your shop with a banner and profile. They will give you your own URL for your shop.

Homemade Catalog
They offer different packages. Pay $4.95 per month or $40.00 per year for Basic Membership; or $7.95 per month or $60.00 per year for Standard Membership or $12.95 per month or $100 per year for Professional Membership. The basic lets you list up to 50 items. The Standard package allows up to 250 products, plus 3 listings per year on the main page. The Professional package lets you have your own special URL which will feature your business on their Crafter's list, plus list up to 1,200 products and 5 products per page on the main page.

There are many more so do your homework.

Trade Shows
Rent booth space and it will run typically $200 to $300 at some shows.  Factor in travel cost and cost of the table, banner, and materials. Start small and price your items right. Make sure that you will be able to process credit cards because it is the common currency of shows and fairs.

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