How to Write a Cleaning Business Proposal

By Lanee’ Blunt

You will need to develop a winning proposal in order to compete for new business. . If you have never written a proposal before it can seem a little intimidating. There is a difference in a cleaning proposal and a cleaning bid. A cleaning proposal is a written document that may be between six to thirty pages and it describes your company in detail. On the other hand, a bid can consist of a one page document or a form sheet.

Before you write the proposal write an outline of the cleaning specifications. Take this sentence-by-sentence for the client. Analyze the specifications and explain all important sentences and important clauses in the statement of work. Understanding exactly what is in the statement of work so that you will leave nothing out of the proposal.

Executive Summary

This is an important part of the proposal because this is a summary of the need of your company. This is also called a statement of need. You will write about what your company has to offer and think of this as a sales document and is designed to convince the client to hire you. You need to stick to the facts and not write any fluffy language. You don’t need a history about your business or the president of the company.

Project Detail

Explain what service you will provide the client. Summarize the client’s needs by explaining in detail and give a description of the work your cleaning business is going to do, and how your company intends to accomplish the work. For example, “Large debris will be removed from the site and placed in waste dumpsters; service provides complete detailed cleaning of office complex.” Give a description of what you propose to do by stating what your plans are and how you will achieve your goal.

Cleaning Bid or Total Cost

This section of the cleaning business proposal gives an itemized price summary to the client. Itemize all fixed cost for structure cleaning. Write down the details of the rooms, hallway and corridors, types of rooms and specific explanatory cleaning notes. Itemize the cost by square footage and what you charge for each service you provide, for example, power scrub, extracting carpet, and polishing hardwood floors. Write how the pricing will be applied for each service that you offer. How long will it take you to complete, or how often will you clean and give a time estimate. The cleaning business proposal must convince the evaluator that you are familiar with their requirements and your small business will complete the work by the deadline.

Organization Information

Write information about your company, this can be company history, about us, and capabilities. In this section don’t brag about your small business, but try to convince evaluator that you can be trusted to get the job done.


Proofread and check for all typos.

Prepare a cover page

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