How to Write a Small Business Proposal

By Lanee' Blunt

Writing a small business proposal is a challenge, but it can be done providing that you take the right steps and provide the right information. Writing a small business proposal can help your business by getting you a business loan, investors, or more commercial clients. A proposal’s effectiveness is based on the value that your business brings to the table.


Things You’ll Need
Company brochures
Cost of material
Cover reports
White printer paper

Write the executive summary. Tell the evaluator why they should choose your company and why your small business is the best for the contract. Explain to the reader that your company is going to accomplish the requested work and how you’re going to do it. Give the history of your company.

Small business qualifications. Write about the number of similar types of projects that your small business has worked on. State the size of each project and the number of participants. Provide references from the other jobs that you have done that are similar to the one you are writing the proposal for.

Cost Estimate. Explain the price you are proposing. List your project price. Include each service that your company is going to perform with a detailed fee schedule. Include a maintenance cost estimate which is an estimated cost for planned or unplanned work which can be carried out in conjunction with the proposed project, but is not required to meet the intent of the project.

Schedule.  Address expected completion dates. The schedule should provide a timeline throughout the project. A timeline which includes a beginning date and end date. For example, timeline will include a beginning and end date for construction, installation for site preparation, assembly,  equipment installation, and functional testing.

Personal Information. Provide the responsibilities of key personnel in your company. List all management and all employees that will be doing certain jobs.

Proofread. Rewrite sections of the proposal that are vague and may not explain in detail of what you are proposing. Eliminate all typos. Use section titles and subheadings. Avoid adjectives that make your proposal sound too unprofessional and amateurs.

Demonstrate in the proposal that your firm has the capabilities to perform the proposed job.
Complete the proposal on time before the deadline so that you will have time to go over it and revise the proposal.

AESO: Proposal to Provide Service

Find FRP: Government Contracting: How to Write a Proposal or Respond to a Bid Solicitation

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