Advantages of a Marketing Letter to Generate Leads

Marketing letters for your small business may help you get more leads.  There are many advantages of using a sales letter to prospect.

By Lanee' Blunt

When you need more leads for your firm there are some advantages of using a sales letter to generate leads.  Small businesses shy away from sales letters because they don’t understand how they can work for their particular company.  Sales letters can be a powerful tool for your business if handled the right way.

Marketing letters can be used for getting more qualified leads. When you need more prospects send out another batch of letters.  There will be no cold calling and when you call the prospect they will expect to hear from you.

Sales letters are Perfect for Testing
The letter is able to test many things when it is mailed.  You can test prices, titles, offers, and audiences.  Keep accurate records of change of address, response rates and the results of each mailing.

Sales letters are Low Cost
Your letters can be written on your computer. You can send out as many or as few as you like.  You can send out a batch of 500 letters with only the cost of postage, envelopes and paper.  Personal letters are low cost, you can send out as few as one letter.  According to Jay Conrad Levinson, in his book, Guerrilla Marketing, (Houghton Mifflin, 1993), “The writing of personal letters, not direct mailings of large quantities of letters and brochures, but simple, personal letters, is one of the most effective, easy, inexpensive and overlooked methods of marketing.”

Marketing Letters Can be Highly Targeted
Target your mailings more selectively by choosing the best mailing list. A sales letter can be targeted to your house list, which is the list of customers that have bought from your recently.

There is Low Competition
Your competition is not sending sales letters, so the market is wide open for you. When the prospect opens your direct mail you are not competing with other companies, you are talking directly to your customer.

Good Response Rate
Not only can the direct mail be tested, but you will know the response rate.  After the mailing is tested you will know how many letters to send out to receive a certain response. When you need more leads send more letters.

There are many advantages of using sales letters, and you will find that they are a very effective form of advertising.


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