Direct Mail Leads

By Lanee' Blunt

Use direct mail to get leads--
Direct mail is a perfect way for a lawyer, mortgage broker, accountant, and even a doctor to get qualified leads. If you have never thought about using direct mail to generate qualified-leads, you may be missing out on results that are noticeable. Lead generating direct mail gets results. A direct mail letter should read like you are speaking to a friend. Don’t use technical jargon. Make sure that you have a mailing list that is updated and qualified for your business.

Sales Letter
A sales letter is used in the direct package. It is a powerful tool if written properly. The letter should drive home your selling points and the benefits of using your small business. A careful analysis of the market has to be made when you write the letter. For example, it requires that you know your audience. The letter has to gain the attention of the reader and specify your selling points. Most of the selling in the direct mail package is done in the sales letter. Sales letter can outdo most of the direct mail packages that don’t have a letter.

Call for Action
A call to action tells your reader to mail in an order, clip a coupon and bring it into the store or it tells the reader to call the toll free number. A reply card should be included in the direct mail package. The front is addressed to you and the back should have a place for the prospects’ name, address, telephone number. The response rate can go down if you don’t include a reply card.

Your letter must have an offer. Since the direct mail is to generate leads you may offer the prospect a free consultation, free analysis of the prospect’s insurance policy, something to help him lose weight or a free gift. The offer is what the prospect will receive when they call you about the direct mail.

Having a testimonial will improve your response rate. Prospects feel better if they are hiring an expert. You may enclose testimonials from your other clients, or articles you’ve written, a brochure with a FAQ section or a client list. Give detailed information about who you are and why you are the best consultant for the job.

These tips may help to build your lead-generating direct mail and may lead you to a higher response rate.

Jay C. Levison, Guerilla Marketing: Secrets of Making Big Profits from Your Small Business; Houghton Mifflin Company


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