Examples of an Advertising Brochure

Create a great advertising brochure for your small business.  It can be a sales tool for your small business that might help you get your foot in the door.

By Lanee' Blunt

Your small business must have marketing information. Some small businesses don’t have a brochure; don’t feel that they need one, until they are forced to have a brochure, because they are trying to get a major account. Don’t wait until the last minute to create a brochure. You will have limited time to create one when you are trying to win a bid, or when a prime prospect asks for more information on your small business.  You may lose out if you are not prepared and have an advertising brochure that will help sell your service. Here are five tips on creating an advertising brochure.

Know Your Audience
The brochure has to be written with your audience in mind.  What do they want from your company? This is not the opportunity to go on and on about how great your company is. Look at it from the prospective of; what do they want from you?

Explain completely what your service is about.  What do you offer the client that is different from your competition? What are the types of accounts you handle?

How does it Work?
How does the product work? Explain in detail the features of the product. Give the prospect most of the information that they need to know so they can take the next step and purchase the product. 

All of the services offered by your firm should be written in detail descriptions explaining how the service works. This is not the time to brag about your company, but explain how your firm helps the client.

Selling Message
The brochure is advertising material and must be persuasive. According to Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael W. McLaughlin, in their book, Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, “Brochures should be issue-based and should reinforce your marketing message on how you can solve clients’ problems.”  Give strong selling points.

Desktop Publishing
A desktop publishing program will make your brochure look professional. Organize it with headings and subheads which make it easy to read. Save your brochure in a PDF file if you want to put it online.  You can use a good laser or an ink jet printer to print as many or as few brochures as you need.

You need more than a letterhead with your company name and address because customers want to know more information about your company. If you follow these tips your advertising brochure will help you sell your small business.


Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael W. McLaughlin; Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants; Wiley, 2005


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