Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Brochure

When you plan your next brochure make sure that you avoid the five common marketing brochure mistakes. A successful marketing brochure has to do more than look good.  It has to be a focal point to selling your product or your service. 

By Lanee' Blunt

 Content is what sells, so when you think about having a fancy brochure; make sure that you write it persuasive.
A marketing brochure is sells material. I’ve read a lot of brochures and it seems that some small businesses fail to realize that. A brochure says that your small business is here to compete in the marketplace, and provides useful information to your prospects. There are five common mistakes most small businesses make when creating a sells brochure.

Failed to put a selling message on the cover
There has to be a headline on the cover of the brochure. Some people will only read the first page, and so work hard in the headline to gain interest in what you are selling. “The cover of a brochure works like the headline of a print advertisement. State your position or promise a benefit to the reader,” according to Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass, and Martin Nisenholtz, in their book, How to Advertise.

The Brochure is a List
The brochure cannot be just a series of different list about your company: the service that you offer, things that you do, or the products that you have. This is an excellent place to talk about your business and explain about your products in detail.

The Brochure is not easy to Read
Your brochure must be divided into sections because you want people to understand your message.  Use headlines and subheads because it breaks the information up and makes the copy easy to read. A desktop publishing software package will help your organize it. When you design your brochure use bullets, divide into sections of text which are easy to read, and can be scanned.

Failed to Define Your Audience
Writing is so much easier once you have defined your audience, because it helps you focus on your prospect. The brochure must fit the informational need of your customers and not just brag about your company.

Failed to Give Enough Information
Give customers all the information that they need on your product or service, write about the features, and give the specifications. When people are about to spend a lot of money they will read a lot of information on your product or service.  They will read your brochure when they are about to make a major purchase, so don’t fail to give them enough information.


Kenneth Roman, Jane Mass, and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; 2003


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