How to Write a Product Marketing Letter

By Lanee' Blunt

Direct mail is an excellent way to sell your products.  You can write a killer sales letter that will get your foot in the door.  If you thought that direct mail may not be for your small business you should think again.

The mailing list is the most important factor for the success of the sales letter.  When you have the right mailing list your direct mail has the advantage of a salesperson talking to a client.  If the letter is worded correctly and speaking in a friendly tone; you are one on one with your potential customer. 

The Results of the Mailing can be Measured
“The joy of direct marketing is accountability—you quickly know the exact results of an advertising investment,” according to Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas, and Martin Nisenholtz, in their book, How to Advertise. You should test your mailing list first, and testing the list can lift your response rate.

Things to Think About When Drafting the Letter
You should carefully examine your product.  Think about how useful your product is and how it will help the consumer.  Carefully examine the market.  What is your key consumer benefit?  Answer all of the questions before you write your sales letter.

Focus on your Audience
Your product is important to the consumer in the following ways, what are the benefits that they get for using it?  The offer is very important in your sales letter.  What is your primary offer, many product sales letters are not productive because they fail to give an offer.  Tell the prospect that you will ship the product for free, or you have a free special bonus offer. You don’t always have to give a free gift you can give a money back guarantee.

The Sales Letter Must Obtain Action
Telling the prospect that you will call them next week is not enough, because usually they won’t even think of your small business next week.  Be direct on the letter, tell the customer to pick up the phone and call now and they will receive a 10% discount, or this offer will expire in two weeks.  Always include a reply card this will encourage a response. 

The P.S. and Should Your Sales Letter Have One
The advantage of having a P.S. on your sales letter is that it has been known to lift response.  You should not waste any time here, give the time limited offer again, your free gift, or your best benefit.  You can put your toll free number if you have one, or just a regular telephone or fax number will do.

You will need to carefully plan your sales letter, and having the right letter will help you get your foot in the door.


Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas, and Martin Nisenholtz; How to Advertise; 2003


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