Improve Your Business Brochure

By Lanee' Blunt

Your company brochure may need improving to receive the maximum results. Creating a brochure is more than adding a list of your services to your favorite desktop publishing software program. A brochure must give customers the information that they are seeking about your service or product. Your brochure makes a positive statement about your business and creates a positive impression.

Business Description
Have enough information in your brochure that is necessary to inform your prospect about your business. When a prospect sends for your brochure you must keep in mind, that they are interested in reading about your product or service. Include all the information about product, service, website, price, ordering information, and you may be descriptive. Keep it simple by breaking the text into easy to read sections. Your brochure must dramatize the problem then position your product or service as the customer’s solution to their problem.

A brochure should contain a range of information about your company to specific product features and benefits. List the benefits and features of using your product or service.

Call to Action
Use a call to action in the brochure. Tell the reader the type of action that you want her to take. Tell her to respond.  What do you want the reader to do? Give the specific action that you want her to take for example, call you or visit your website?  Give all of your contact information, your name, address, website, phone and email address.

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