Postcard Advertising

Postcard advertising is a low cost and effective way to market your small business. They are easy to create and can be done on your computer.

By Lanee' Blunt

Postcard advertising is ideal for the small business owner on a budget. Postcard advertising allows the small business to keep prospects informed on new products, or to announce special sales to customers.

One of the advantages of using postcards as direct mail is that you can measure the effect of the mailing by how many replies you receive. According to Larry Mersereau’s book, Post Card Power, “And, the lowly post card can be the foot-soldier of your direct mail program. They’re inexpensive, easy to put together, and they put your message right where you want it: right in your prospect’s hands.”

They don’t make the sale, but they pave the way to send more advertising literature.  You can use them to let customers know that you are offering a discount, or let prospects know that a salesperson will visit them. They do not require opening, so offer a discount, or a special bonus, and your postcard will at least be evaluated.

Postcards pave the way for you to invite the prospect to visit your website, come into your store, come in and service their car, or to call you.  You can use a time sensitive statement such as, call within the next two days and receive a special bonus offer.

Follow Up
Another advantage of using the postcard is that it can be used as a follow up to people that haven’t responded to your mailing program. It can help you keep your business name in front of prospects, by using a different selling message once a month.

Direct mail can be expensive depending on how many letters you are sending.  If you are planning to send thousands of letters, at different intervals, this can be quite expensive. You will save on postage if you are planning to send large quantities of postcards. The cost is low, here in the USA; postage for a postcard is about $0.28 opposed to $0.44 for a first class envelope.

You don’t have to send a lot of postcards at one time. If you have a new prospect, then run a postcard off of your computer, print it, and send only one.

Postcards are an effective way to advertise and they reach your prospects with a professional approach.


Larry Mersereau’s book, Post Card Power, (Promo Power, 2004),


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