Creating a Marketing Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt

Marketing Brochures that work

Having a brochure will help your customer get a detailed account of your company or service.  Brochures are created for a variety of things, like the services they offer, and their products. Every small business and consultant needs to have a brochure; because it helps your company to become better known in the market place.

The brochure lets prospects know that your small business is reputable and that they can take you seriously.  Your company is here and ready to compete.  “Anyone can spend $50 on letterhead and business cards and call themselves a corporation.   But a brochure proves you are in business and shows you’re more than a fly-by-night operation,” according to Robert Bly’s book titled, The Copywriter’s Handbook.

Don’t wait until the last minute to create a brochure. You may lose out if you are not prepared and have an advertising brochure that will help sell your service.
You will have limited time to create one when you are trying to win a bid, or when a prime prospect asks for more information on your small business. 

Create your brochure with a desktop publishing program it will make it look professional. Once you have decided what content you want to include pick a program that has a variety of templates that you can choose. Organize it with headings and subheads which make it easy to read. Save your brochure in a PDF file if you want to put it online.  You can use a good laser or an ink jet printer to print as many or as few brochures as you need.  Take your brochure to a professional printer on a CD saved in a PDF file. 


Robert Bly; The Copywriter’s Handbook; Owl Books


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