Starting an Internet Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
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Starting an Internet business doesn’t require a lot of overhead, and is a business to get into with minimum upfront investment.  There are different types of internet businesses that you may start; a site that sells products, an e-commerce that sells products, an e-commerce business that ships products to people or a service selling website or maybe you probably have one in mind.

Decide what type of internet business you will be going into. Is it a product or products that you are selling or are you going to sell; business to business, or sell your service? Are you going to do affiliate marketing? A sales tax license is required to collect sales taxes. The requirements may be different, so you must check with your own local licensing department.

Name your Internet Business
What are you going to name your company? A name is very important and you should give careful consideration before you decide on any name.

Some states require for website owners to register for many of the same licenses that other business owners have to register for. E-commerce website owners must comply with state tax collection, and accounting regulations. Apply for a vendor license with your state. Each state is different and the requirements may be different for state to state. The sba.gov will let you know where you can get a vendor’s license in your particular state. Type your state, or zip code and vendor and peddler license in the required field and the site navigates to your specific state where you can find out your contact information or you can apply. The vendor license can be obtained at your state office of department of finance.

Set Up Online Site
Get a domain name and register it. Get a web host. You can find a web host that is inexpensive and effective. Make sure you use a web host that offers features that make third-party scripts like a shopping cart a one click system.  Look for free shopping cart scripts. Most web host will offer the open source osCommerce script as a quick install, but there are others you can download. Install payment modules Paypal, 2Checkout, and others. For accepting credit cards select a credit card processor.

Prepare a business plan for your new internet business.  Market your new business. Set up a checking account for your internet company.  Print business cards.

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