How to Create Your Own Letterhead

By Lanee’ Blunt

A small business or a consultant should have their own letterhead because it makes you look professional and helps you compete with other companies. “A letterhead often is the first section a reader notices on a letter.  Thus, it is important your letterhead appropriately reflect the essence of the individual or business,” according to Gary Shelly, Thomas Cashman and Misty Vermaat in their book, “Microsoft Office 2007.”

Most desktop publishing programs have features for letterheads but you can also create a letterhead in a word processing program. Look at the templates. Choose a letterhead design that you like in the gallery.  A letterhead template appears.

Some software programs will allow you to create a logo or download one from the internet. Import your company logo right in the design of the letterhead. Your logo should be a design that will help you stand out from your competition.

Determine the placement of the letterhead. Some letterheads have a design and color at the top of the paper and the same color or another color on the bottom. Vertical designs are another option to consider with bright designs along the side with your logo.

Type your business information into the personal information page.  This includes your name, job or position, organization name, address, suite number, phone, fax, and email. Choose a professional font size. 

Proofread before printing. Print one copy to be sure that you like the color scheme and layout. Print as many copies as needed.

Gary Shelly, Thomas Cashman and Misty Vermaat; Microsoft Office 2007; Thomson Course Technology


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