How to Write a Website Design Proposal

By Lanee’ Blunt
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A website proposal is important for any small business's success. You need to write a proposal for working with most clients, and for answering a RFP (request for proposal).  Your success will depend on your ability to win contracts and proposal writing is part of the process.  Your clients want to know if you are interested in working for them and that you understand their design requirements and how long it will take you to build it.

Executive Summary
Tell the client why they should choose your company to design their website. Include the winning themes and selling points.  Use an outline to create your selling points in the first draft using bullet points. Explain how your company is going to accomplish the work, include the features of the website and what it will be able to do.

Goals and Objectives
Answer everything in the RFP sentence by sentence so that you won't leave anything unanswered.  Tell them how you are going to build the site. Include how many pages you are going to build. Website proposals should include the hosting plan. What method of maintenance is your small business going to provide the client.

Timeline for Completion
Your website proposal needs to have a detailed set of deadlines for each section and how long each phase of the project will take.  Include what you will need from the client in order to write content for example, company photos, and company information. Include the time period that clients should have this information to you.

Cost Estimate
The project cost estimate is the estimated costs directly related to the proposed project. If you charge the client a flat fee over $1000 you need to include a breakdown as to what this fee includes.  If you charge an hourly rate include and estimation of how many hours the project should take you.

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