Tips on Starting a Vending Machine Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

A vending machine business can be started on a large scale or on a small scale it is up to you. You can start small by having one or two machines and keep them stocked once or twice a week when they need restocking. One advantage of running a vending machine is that after installation you will not require a big investment and your maintenance for the machine is minimal.


Setup your vending machine in a good location that is highly populated and where people prefer to buy things from vending machines. Vending machines are best if they match up with peoples needs also for example; match the product with the customer. Busy offices can sale coffee, and snacks, and soda.


If you can afford the investment you can install a security camera to watch the machines to avoid theft. A good idea is to do a little research before placing your machine in a location to avoid theft and vandalism problems. Place the machine in a well lit populated area.

Stocking the Vending Machine

Keep your machines clean and well stocked. Everyone hates when vending machines aren’t working correctly and either don’t deliver the merchandise or the give proper change. Take your time and stock the machine so items won’t get stuck or jammed.

Buying Machines

Amazon sells vending machines that you can order and buy online, you can get them on sale on Amazon through this link. 11 Column Snack Vending Machine   If you are a member at Sam’s Club you can buy the vending machine there and buy the items for your vending machine in bulk also. If you are on a budget you can purchase used vending machines. Look in the classified section of your newspaper on online.

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