Sales Leads for a Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Gain more sales leads--
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Gaining leads are important for your small business survival. It is a numbers game; you must convert, and keep leads coming in always. Small businesses can also use the internet to gain leads. Long-term lead generation is the best method and is a balance between advertising and promotion.

You can write an ad for your product or service to produce a certain amount of leads. When you create the ad try not to give the full story, to get the full story the prospect must call, mail in a coupon, write, or go to a website. Try the ad promotion for a certain amount of days and then cut the ad when you have enough leads. Although, advertising has a high cost you still have a high level of control.

Rented List
Get a mailing list from a list broker or media company to use for a specified length of time, or for a certain number of communications. Decide who your best customers are so that you can clone them and send direct mail or an email.

Social Media
Small businesses can now afford the same media like big corporations with social media. Social media is an inexpensive tool to reach and communicate with large numbers of prospects. Know your audience and show them the best way that your business can solve problems and give solutions. Create a good way to capture data and maintain information about customers and prospects. This is a great way for small businesses to get out there and get noticed for example, use the Facebook fan page to showcase different products or services. Invite interaction by asking prospects for feedback in Facebook messaging.  Twitter can be used to pull customers into your company blog post.

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