Product Branding Principles

By Lanee' Blunt

Principles of product branding are useful because the customer believes that you offer something different or exceptional. It creates a unique presence in the customer’s mind that your product, service, or organization is unique and there is no other like yours. Branding is the process of setting your business or product as different by making or implying a comparison in something specific such as price or performance.

Unique selling position
Create a unique selling position by making a comparison in something specific like price or performance. What makes your product or service different from your competition? Answer this question by brainstorming some ideas, and don’t write down the first thing that comes to mind like “excellent quality.” You compare your product or service with your competition on a feature-for-feature basis or point out features your product or service has that’s not available with your competitors.  What are you doing different from your competition. For example, your restaurant provides free delivery to customers.

Be Consistent
To build a strong brand it takes time. You have to be consistent when it comes to quality and service. Give the customer excellent service for their money. For example, don’t change your product once you have established it and stay true to what the customers want. Once you have established your logo, try not to change it by keeping it the same and being patient with it. Resist the urge to change your brand once it’s presented.

Does your brand promise a benefit? The brand must set expectations for your company and what you plan to fill as a promise. For example, you can offer the customer a guarantee that if they’re not satisfied you will refund all of their money. Understand and know your product inside out so that you can present the benefits of your product or service and what you provide for the marketplace. You will then build your advertisements and taglines around that benefit.

Make it special
Since your brand is your image that is seen from the outside world. It is your strength and your reputation. Your customers are important to you and should be shown gratitude not only with quality service but with sales, coupons and discounts. For example, give them quality customer service and honor your return polices. All these things will prove to your customers that you are an excellent company that cares.

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