How to Create a Direct Mail Postcard

By Lanee’ Blunt

Direct mail postcards can be an effective way to market your business. They are small and require no folding or opening and can obtain any advertising message you wish to include. Since they don’t have to be opened you can expect that your advertising message will at least be glanced at. Postcard marketing is a powerful lead-generation tool because it enables you to be creative and enticing in one advertising piece. 

Before creating your postcard make sure that you have a good mailing list. It is the most important part of a direct mail campaign. The best mailing list puts your advertising message in front of the people that are looking for exactly what you are selling.  Identify your target market by income, gender, age, profession, and geographic location.

Keep it simple on the address side because there are several requirements that dictate how you lay out your postcard for example, the address information, postage and the mail barcode.

The other side can be a used for your advertising message, or you can use the whole area for a coupon, or a sale. Write an attention-getting headline, a few features and a few benefits, an offer and a call to action. Be brief and use bulleted points for your features and benefits. Proofread your postcards before they’re printed. Include all of your contact information, phone, website or email address so that the prospect can get more information.

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