Market your Business by Email

By Lanee’ Blunt

Email marketing can be used by small business to try and acquire new customers, encourage customer loyalty, and get existing customers to buy from you again. It has the ability to build brand awareness and loyalty by providing customers with the information that interest them about your product or service. The internet is an effective way to reach your customers.

Email Letter
An email marketing letter is a good way to market your small business. You don’t want to send spam, but a sales letter that will be effective.  Write a marketing letter that will get your foot in the door and get your product sold.  Email marketing letters are successful if handled properly.

Give your prospect a lot of useful information. Offer the customer detailed information about your business.  Write helpful articles about your line of business, or interview some of your employees. You can get a lot of information into your newsletter, far more than you can a brochure.
Create an incentive for signing up for your email newsletter.  Give them some benefits for receiving an email newsletter, for example, by stressing the great information they will be receiving from it.

Advertise in Newsletters
Not interested in sending out your own email newsletter. You can find newsletters that are published by others and pay for advertising in their newsletter that they email and send to subscribers. Some newsletters are created just for the purpose of selling advertising space to other firms.


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