Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

By Lanee’ Blunt
Advantages of Direct Mail--

There are many benefits of using direct mail that will help you market your small business. Advertising is a challenge and you can do it without spending a lot of money. Here are a few advantages of using direct mail.

Build Quality Leads
An advantage of direct mail is that it builds quality leads. Direct mail allows you to build a house list of loyal customers. Your house list is the best list for you to have and to work from.

Direct mail is good at keeping your name in front of prospects so when they are ready to buy they might call your company.  It is effective in helping to keep in touch with former customers.  You can obtain better qualified leads and when someone sends you a reply form back they will be expecting you to call them.

You can test your direct mail before you invest a lot of money in the sales campaign. 

Response Rate
You can determine the result of your direct mail after you send out the package.  According to C.A. Nolan and R.F. Warmke’s book, Marketing Sales Promotion and Advertising, “Large business organizations make every attempt to predetermine the market before a sales letter campaign is started.” After you have tested the sample your response rate should be the same every time you send the direct mail. Lead generating direct get results. Each time you send it out you can expect the package to pull in the same amount of leads.

C.A. Nolan and R.F. Warmke; Marketing Sales Promotion and Advertising; South-Western


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