How to Attract Customers to Your Product

By Lanee’ Blunt

Encourage referrals--

Advertising your product to a targeted market will help you get more customers. Focus on satisfying your current customers and focus on encouraging referrals and attracting new business. What is your unique selling point? What does your product offer that is different from your competitors?

Identify the benefits of using your product. People usually buy a product for the benefit of what they are going to get from using it.  Most small businesses articulate the features of the product to their customers. That's fine to talk about your features but people usually want to know what is in it for them. A benefit is "something that promotes well-being, an advantage," according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. On the other hand, a feature is "a distinctive or characteristic part of a thing." You must understand the distinction between the features and benefits of using your product. When you write an ad, brochure, or create your website always lead with the benefits of using your product.

Referrals are very important. Encourage referrals from your customers because it is the best way to get new customers to buy your product. If you have satisfied customers ask them for a referral. Think of a referral system where you can offer a special discount if your customer gives you the names, and phone numbers of three of their friends.

Make sure that you offer your customers quality products. They must feel that they are getting a great value and high quality. Provide high quality and customer service. Treat your customers with the highest respect.

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