How to Start a Seminar Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Seminar business is in demand

The demand for seminars is not just limited to corporate seminars. People are attending seminars for a lot of different reasons and there is a demand for seminars by small businesses, organizations, and consumers. Seminars are being created almost for every possible subject and there is an audience waiting to attend and willing to pay to you.

Start Up
You can start up a seminar business with a low start-up cost. The biggest finance will be equipment. You must have your own equipment to run a seminar or you can rent your equipment. You will need a computer with modem and printer, fax machine, and internet service. Create a website and print up brochures. You will need an electronic credit card processor, bulk mail permit, and shipping and packaging supplies.  You will also want to create a residual product that you can sell after the seminar.

Determine Legal Ownership
You must set up your business as a legal entity. Decide which form of ownership is best for your particular business: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, or S corporation.

Determine a course of action for financing 
The financing may come from your commercial bank, so write a business plan.

Seminar professionals generate money by giving seminars and speeches, and selling peripheral goods such as audiotapes,  DVDs, and books.  What will you charge for your seminar? First calculate how much each seminar will cost you, by how many people are going to attend, and divide your cost by the people you expect to attend. You will get a ticket price.

Market your business by advertising; send direct mail, personal contacts and word-of-mouth. Direct mail is a good choice of advertising for your seminar business. Create a sales letter and brochure and send it to a qualified mailing list.

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