How to Advertise Your Business to B2B

By Lanee’ Blunt
Add a benefit in your advertisement--
Image by Svilen001.

The biggest goal of business-to-business advertising is lead generation. Once you cut the fat from your campaign focus on the right media choices which will bring you a higher ROI. Advertising your business b2b doesn’t have to be difficult.

Stress Benefits
When you write your ad put a benefit in the headline. When you are trying to get sales leads from businesses the advertisement must be valuable. Catch the reader’s attention with a headline that will make the prospect want to call you to ask for more information.

Use Social Media
Know you audience. Ask yourself about your chosen market and what social media platforms they might be using. Are you going to email or send direct mail to the business owner or a certain employee? Don't send spam but join in on the chat in Twitter.

Place your ads in search engines and sign up for Adwords.  Use online and print trade directories and make your ads easy to skim but still effective.

Always have an offer in your advertising promotion.  This will give the prospect a reason to respond to your advertisement. Offering something useful has been known to significantly increase your response rate. Try to make your offer interesting and something that the prospect will feel is some value.  For example, if you are marketing to small businesses offer a free information package, a free download of a special report, or a free calculator.

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