Small Business Marketing

By Lanee’ Blunt

Marketing can be done on a budget--
Image by Duchesssa.

There are many benefits of using small business marketing that will help you advertise your business. It allows you to communicate with your customer by email campaigns, interactive consumer websites, mobile messaging, fliers, catalog distribution, sales letters, direct mail packages, and online display ads. Advertising can be done on a budget, but it requires some time on your part.


Postcard advertising is ideal for the small business owner on a budget. Print all the labels on your computer; the other side of the postcard should have an offer, for example, announce a sale, a discount, or two for the price of one. Create a tempting offer, and it should improve your response rate.

Email Advertising

Do not send spam. Email advertising involves directly marketing a message through electronic mail to a group of people or a mailing list.  Send your messages to an opt-in list of people that have told you they want to receive email messages from you.  Sending an online newsletter is a great form of promotion because it keeps your name and message in front of your prospect and when they decide to buy they may think of your small business. Capture your prospects email address on your website and then send your online newsletter by email.


Write an ad for your product or service to produce a certain amount of leads. Try launching the ad promotion for a certain amount of days and then cut the ad when you have enough leads. Although, advertising has a high cost you still have a high level of control.


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