How to Open an Ecommerce With Wholesale Suppliers

By Lanee’ Blunt
Register your domain name--
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You might want to sell many of your own products, or work with wholesalers when opening your own ecommerce store. Opening an ecommerce store requires little overhead, and the startup cost is cost effective. When approaching wholesale suppliers make sure you understand the volume discounts, return policies, and order processing time.


Build your website, and register your domain name. A quality website goes a long way because it will be considered your store front. Design the website yourself.  There are some great looking templates that you can download right onto your website. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing that then hire someone to design it for you.

Obtain a Tax ID

To sell products you are required to collect sales taxes, you will need to obtain a Sales Tax Permit from your state or local government. In order to deal with wholesalers and distributors you will need the tax ID before they will let you open an account with them.

Wholesale Suppliers

Identify high-volume manufacturers or wholesalers first because they will not let you buy directly from them. A small business with a limited sales volume won’t support buying bulk on a large scale.  When you have found the wholesale company that provides the types of products you want to sell, contact each through their website, or by calling them on the phone and fill out their new account application. You can now buy the products you want to sell or set up a drop shipping arrangement with them. Market your ecommerce store.

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