Pros & Cons of Direct Marketing

By Lanee’ Blunt
Direct Marketing--
Image by JayLopez.

Direct marketing is a form of direct advertising that is sent through direct mail letters, email, mobile messages, interactive consumer websites, catalog distribution, and postcards. Marketers use direct mail to reach prospects on an individual level. Many small businesses and consultants should take great care in creating quality messages so that their messages are not considered spam.
There are very few businesses that rely solely on direct mail advertising in marketing their product or service. They use direct mail as a supplement to the periodic and mass advertising.

Direct mail distribution can be regulated and targeted to a specific group of people. For example, the mailing can be addressed to doctors, lawyers, or people in a certain geographical area. When the direct mail is done properly it is capable of selling to a selective market.

It will reach the prospects on your mailing list. If the list is updated, no one will coldly dismiss the mailwoman by opening the door and telling her to go away. In most cases the mailing will be opened. If your sales letter or your sales message is written properly most prospects will not only read it but also respond and take action in purchasing.

Proper Sales Message
The preparation of the sales message has a disadvantage because the writer may not have created an offer.  A successful direct mail package should sell the offer and not the product or service. If the marketing piece is to be of value it must be well developed and should attract attention, favorably arouse interest, and create a desire for the product or service.



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