How to Start Up a Bakery

By Lanee’ Blunt

Start a bakery

Starting a bakery may be your lifelong dream, but it is going to be hard work. You will need to have the knowledge and experience to run a successful business. There are legal and financial requirements that you must follow before you open your doors. Decide what type of shop you want to start. Will you serve your customers in a cafe' setting with tables and chairs or are you going to deliver to stores, caterers, and restaurants. Consider what types of baked goods you will be planning to have, large commercial bakery, pastries and bagels, wedding cakes, or cakes, pies and cupcakes.

Best Location for your Pastry shop
Find the best location. This is a very important thing that you must consider. Do a market analysis on your competition and find out how many established bake shops there are in the location you are considering. Find a storefront that has a busy area where there are a lot of people and that will give your business more exposure. Is there a school, college, or shopping nearby? 

You are going to require specialty equipment. You can cater to a number of retailers for the equipment or shop online. You will need ovens, commercial mixers, cooling racks, tables, and refrigeration units. A large assortment of pans, a display counter, and a cash register.

Health Inspection
You will need to check with your state for information or contact the Bureau of Consumer Health Services to get a health inspection. Once the inspection has been passed, fill out the necessary forms and pay for the permit. After you pass the test you will receive the license. Visit or go to your local health department website and find out the licenses and permits you will need to apply for. Get liability insurance for protection against food poisoning. You'll need coverage to replace your appliances and equipment in the case of theft, fire or a flood.  Consult with a lawyer or with an insurance agent to find out what type of additional coverage you will need.

Advertise your bakery before you open by sending out fliers to local residential homes, and businesses around your business. Put an ad in the newspaper. Have a grand opening and invite people to come and taste your products for free.

Startabakery:How to Start a Bakery


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