How to Use Postcards to Advertise a Janitorial Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Advertise your janitorial business with postcards

Postcards are a terrific way to advertise a janitorial business. The advertisement is written on a single side of the card that allows the prospect to study it even briefly. You've got a better chance of getting the postcard read because it's no envelope. They are simple to create too. Postcards help to pave how you can send more advertising. You can use them to let customers know that you're offering a discount, or let prospects realize that a salesperson will be phoning. You can provide a discount, or a unique bonus, and your postcard will most times be read.

Mailing List
Make sure that you stay in touch with your former customers, potential customers, and referrals. Get the addresses of the customers because your house list is definitely an ideal mailing list in order to mail your postcard. Rent or buy a mailing list from a subscriber list supplier. You can also develop your personal mailing list using a business directory from your own library.

It must have an offer. What does your organization offer the prospect? Your response rate is going to be much higher if your janitorial business comes with an offer. You might offer to clean two rooms and get the third free, or a unique bonus offer, or a discount on your service. People love to obtain a special offer. Writing a postcard for any janitorial service requires careful preparing before you decide to write it. Create a good attention getting headline. Include brief information regarding your company that includes a list of your services and prices.

Make your Postcards
You should use your color printer to print attractive postcards. You can use color paper stock together with your black ink. Make sure you use large print, make your contact information large enough for the prospect to read it. Postcards are relatively simple to make. With any desktop publishing program provides you with a good selection of different alternatives. You can buy the actual perforated card stock, which enables you to run the postcards within the computer and tear the actual cards apart after publishing, or you can get your postcards printed with a professional printer with complete four color lamination.

You're going to get a Quick Response
You should start hearing from your prospects within one or two weeks of the mailing. An excellent advantage of having an established postcard is if you wish to get more customers, just send out another batch of cards. If you need 10 more prospects send 1000 postcards if you have a 2% response rate.


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