Tips for Email Marketing

By Lanee’ Blunt
Email marketing is cost effective.

Email marketing is an effective way for small businesses to market their business.  It is a cost effective way to keep in touch with customers, and an effective way to build brand awareness and loyalty.  Marketing online helps to stretch your marketing budget. There is far more to it than just typing a message on your computer and sending it to a mailing list of potential prospects.

Small Business Website
Capture your prospects email address on your website and then send your online newsletter by email. Create an incentive for people to sign up for your email or newsletter. Advertise the benefits of receiving the newsletter; give away something for example a free piece of software or a white paper.

Reach a Wide Range of Prospects
Email marketing has the advantage of reaching a wide range of prospects. It allows you to market your product or service around the clock. The internet allows prospects to respond to your email messages immediately. Email marketing can provide your company with a lot of information that you can use. It lets you discover exactly who your customers are, how old they are, what their interest are, and where they live. Don’t ask too many questions because each question you ask may reduce the number of customers to sign up for your email. Give your customers the option of skipping the questionnaire and make sure that they have opt-in to get information from you. Gather all of this information and tailor your product or service around the information.

Connecting Email with Social Media
Create a level of engagement with your prospects and customers because it helps to build loyalty to your business.  Build a blog and write helpful articles that inform your customers, highlight content from an e-newsletter once or twice a month and encourage them to download your content.  Answer questions and use Twitter to stay engaged with your customers, and use a Twitter feed with promotions and offers.

Concentrate on Inactive Subscribers
In your small business email marketing campaign you are going to have some inactive subscribers. They are people that have opted-in to receive an email from you. You have sent messages and newsletters but they have failed to unsubscribe and they are not opening their email.  Offer them a free trial on a product, or a free eBook. Offer a time sensitive webinar.

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