Start an Ecommerce for Your Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Sell your products or services online.

Starting an eCommerce for your company will allow you to expand your market by offering your product or service around the world. An eCommerce is a way for customers to buy goods and services from you and transfer funds over the internet. Expanding your small business to an eCommerce will be beneficial it allows you to operate 24/7, reduce labor cost, and lower your overhead. You can increase your profitability for your business because people are using the internet progressively more to buy products and services.

Web Hosting
Find a good domain name. You can select a domain name that is related to the type of business you are in. Select a web host that offers a service that will make it easy to install third-party scripts that will enable a one click shopping cart system. Most web hosting companies offer a free shopping cart script as a quick install that you can put on your website. You will need an online payment processor that will process credit cards. A payment gateway will validate the credit card information. It will process the transaction in real time, take a percentage and then it deposits your money into your back account.

Set Up Your E-commerce
Design your homepage and other pages to your website. Write a strong about-us page. There are a lot of add-on's and templates that you can use to customize your eCommerce site. Change your logo and add your small business logo. Set up your catalog. This is where your categories and products will be located.

Get Traffic to Your Website
Start driving traffic to your site by using search engine optimization (SEO). It can be a challenge at first when you are starting out but eventually you will get the hang of choosing the right keywords, search volume and optimizing your pages. Google has a site, Google Keyword Tool, which allows you to look up keywords for your eCommerce and see the search volume for a keyword.  You can also advertise your site by using Google AdWords, banner ads and email marketing.

Choose a shipping carrier by the criteria of your company needs, cost per transaction, reliability, and whether you’re going to be shipping globally. Online tracking is another important feature in the distribution system of a shipping carrier.

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