Types of Small Business Advertising

By Lanee’ Blunt
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There are advantages of using small business advertising that will help market your business. When you need new business or customers despite how good your service or product is you'll have to advertise. You may not have access to a big advertising budget when getting started, but there are several methods of advertising that produces results. Use a combination of advertising ideas. Here are some small ideas.

Get Listed within Directories
Numerous directories carry a lot of advertising. List your small business with The Yellow Pages. You will get local calls out of your advertisement. The Yellow Pages is used often and almost by everyone. The directory is generally used when someone has a definite need or wants information. Create your ad as if you would for a business-card: the name, the brand, the product, or the service that you simply offer. Register on internet directories also. There are numerous free directories that will list your company information and telephone number.

Google Places
It is really a free way to advertise your company. Set up an account by submitting your organization information, photos and videos. You have to verify your listing by phone or by postcard. Google places will list your small business. After the listing is actually setup, fill out the info about your company, telephone, fax, email. Include your payment options as well as your categories for your company. Most consumers search with regard to local businesses online.

Postcard advertising is fantastic for the small business owner on the budget. Print all the labels on your computer; the other side of the postcard should have a good offer, for example, a sale, a discount, or two for the price of one. Create an attractive offer, and it ought to improve your response price.

Email Advertising
Do not send spam. Email advertising involves direct marketing to a select group of people on a subscriber list. Send your messages to an opt-in list of people that have told you they wish to receive email messages from you. Sending an online newsletter is a good form of promotion since it keeps your name and message before your prospect and when they decide to purchase they may think of your small business. Capture your prospects current email address on your website and then send your online e-newsletter by email.

Specialty Items
Get pens, calendars, or mugs made up with your small business name, address and telephone number. Distribute the specialty product to clients, to prospects and to everyone that you simply think can use your service or product.

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