Benefits of Direct Mail

By Lanee’ Blunt

Advantages of sending
direct mail--Image by Malamantra.

Direct mail is a powerful medium that is able to reach people nationwide. Why do large corporations send out so much direct mail? Because direct mail is effective in getting more leads, selling products, and getting your sales team into the door.  Corporations send direct mail because it works and they have tested sales letters. Some people look forward to receiving their mail every day and they will read your letter if not only briefly.

It's Targeted
Direct mail can focus on a select smaller group of prospects that might respond to your offer. “Direct mail is the only mass medium that can be directed toward target groups or prospects. The message may be highly personalized and can also be designed as an effective market research tool,” according to B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek, in their book, Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms.

You don't have to use a direct mail package exclusily. You have a combination from postcards to brochures and a wide range of inexpensive and easy formats available for your direct mail campaign.

A great benefit of using direct mail is that it can be tested to see how well it will do. Before you invest your time and your money in a direct mail campaign you should test it.  You have to know if the direct mail will pull a response.  You can use a small sample of one hundred letters, mail them and test your response.  If the direct mail is not strong enough and you receive no response then you must revise your package.

You don't have to have a big budget to send direct mail. Just by using your computer and desktop publishing software you can create a direct mail package very inexpensively.


B. Charles Ames and James D. Hlavacek; Managerial Marketing for Industrial Firms, Random House


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