How to Write Copy for a Sales Brochure

By Lanee’ Blunt
Write compelling content for your brochure.

Every small business should have a sales brochure. The brochure helps your company to become better known on the market place. Some small businesses don’t possess a brochure; don’t feel they need one, until they are forced to possess a brochure, because they want to get a major account. Your sales brochure must reflect your company image and maintain your advertising message. A good brochure requires exceptional planning.

Know Your Audience
The brochure needs to be written with your audience in mind. What do they want out of your company? This is not the opportunity to write about how great your organization is. Look at it in the prospective of; what do they need from you?

How does the merchandise work? Explain in detail the options that come with the product. Give the prospect all of the information that they must know so they can take the next phase and purchase the product.
All of the services offered by your firm should be written at length explaining how the service works. This isn't the time to brag about your organization, but explain how your firm helps the customer.

Use graphs, tables, and other visual aids to illustrate your product. Organize the brochure in headings and subheads. Use photos that display how your product can be used. Write a caption under all of your photographs.

Sell Your Business
A sales brochure can help market your business and make an impact, when prospects ask to learn more. The customer wants to find out about your business or product particularly if they are making a buying decision. They want to make sure that they are making the right decision. A prospect will read a lot of copy when they are about to buy a big ticket item so make sure that you write enough information in your brochure.

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