How to Start a Dollar Store Business

By Lanee’ Blunt
Dollar stores are very popular and popping up everywhere.

Dollar stores are in demand because customers are always looking for everyday products and at a bargain.  Dollar stores are popular and provide everyday products for example, kitchen items, bathroom cleaners, soap, hair care products, and much more. To open a store requires careful planning, the start-up cost is high, and if you are on a budget it may be a challenge to keep your start-up cost at a minimum.

Store Location
Secure a well know location. Do not just select a location for your store because you are offered a great deal. The location of the business should have a lot of potential customers in an area where people generally shop, because they will notice your store.  Lease or buy the building but renovate it so that it looks like a dollar store. The store must be easy to notice and have easy access from the street.

Business License
Obtain a business license. Set up your business as a legal entity. Contact your county clerk’s office or the department of licenses and inspections and complete all of the paperwork. You will need to obtain a seller’s permit with your state to collect sales taxes on items in applicable jurisdictions. Your state website should have information where you can find the application. You can mail in the application to the address printed on the form with a photocopy of your state ID or driver’s license, and the fee of free to about $30.00 depending up your state.

Find good merchandise. The products must be useful and be of reasonable quality. Find manufactures that have low cost products that are willing to work with you. When you have found the wholesale company that provides the types of products you want to sell, contact each through their website, or by calling them on the phone and fill out their new account application.

Advertise your store once everything is set up and in place. Have a grand opening sign set out front of your store. Print up flyers and pass them out, put an ad in the local newspaper. If you have the money in your budget you can advertise on TV or radio commercials.

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