Direct Mail Ideas

By Lanee’ Blunt
Create a direct mail package.

A great direct mail package can make your prospect take action. Small businesses shy away from direct mail because they don’t know how it can work for his or her particular company. A direct mail package is very economical and can be made on your computer using a laser or inkjet printer. Direct mail can be geared to specific groups and potential customers. It is one of the most measurable marketing tools. Sales letters could be a powerful tool for your company if handled the proper way.

Follow up
The direct mail package may be used to stay in touch with your former customers and your prospects. You can use a brochure with your sales letter, or send something which you’ve written for example, your published article. This may help the prospect decide to use your firm by giving them information that is helpful.

Write a headline. Think about the newspaper and the way the headlines grab the reader’s interest. People are busy plus they have many things which take their attention from your sales letter. Start writing down keywords and see what you develop. Gain the attention of the reader with a powerful headline.

Call to Action
You must have a proactive approach that will tell the reader to pick up the phone and call you. If you sell the product by mail tell them to mail in the order. Make it easy for your prospect to do this by including a reply card.
You may have several ad campaigns operating simultaneously, or you have received a lot of orders, or calls and have increased traffic on your website after a direct mail campaign. You don’t have to guess where the leads came from, because there is a way to measure or even track your direct mail results. A measurement system should measure important activities of the direct marketing program which will relate to the success or failure of the campaign.

Use Tracking Codes
Incorporate a tracking code in your coupons and on your self-addressed reply cards, or envelopes. These tracking codes will be different for certain direct mail pieces. Offer a specific toll-free phone number. You may have a variety of letters or direct mail pieces that you're using, so set-up another toll-free number for every direct mail package.

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