How to Advertise Your Plumbing Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Advertising your plumbing business on a budget is possible. Advertising is about ideas and what strategy you are going to take. You can market your plumbing business by applying innovative, cost-efficient advertising techniques that makes you stand out from your competition.

Advertise your plumbing business with postcards. Get a mailing list. Write a headline for the postcard that will gain attention. Think about all of the services that you provide to customers such as, upgrading bathroom fixtures, changing a faucet, installing a water line for an automatic ice maker, and plumbing problems. Tell them about your service.

Pass out fliers if you are on a budget. They are inexpensive to use and they are effective. Tell about your service. Stress benefits of using your plumbing business. Write your contact information, name, title, website, phone, address and email address. Have the flyer printed professionally by a printer because it makes your business look professional and appear more established.

Buy ad placements in directories. Get your plumbing business listed in the Yellow Pages. Buy Adwords and list your plumbing business in online advertisements, and electronic directories.

Pass out your business cards.  Start a website and include your logo. List your prices of the services that you offer. Give your customers an idea of the cost of your service, for example, faucet replacement $89.00. Most customers will see the price and think I didn't know it was that reasonable, but there are some that will think the price is high, but listing the price will pre-qualify the customer before they call you.

Print Label and Mail: Direct Mail Advertising Ideas for Plumbers; Jim Negron


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