How to Use Your Website to Advertise Your Small Business

By Lanee’ Blunt

Advertise your small business on the internet.

Advertising is very important to the success of your small business. For a small business with a low advertising budget there is a low-cost advertising tool that is available to you—your website. The internet offers a small business many advantages by letting people buy from you all over the world and every day of the year. Your site must contain the appropriate advertising to tempt potential prospects and customers by giving them value and clear benefits.

Create a website
Design your website or have a small business website designed for you by a web designer. Design your website where your customers are easily able to navigate through your layout. Proofread your web copy and make sure that your content contains no misspelled words. Write a company newsletter and offer it as a free download to your customers. Make your website a resource for your customers for example, answering questions about your product or service in your industry. Create a blog for your website and write helpful articles about your industry, product or service.

Stress the benefits
When you write your content don't just write about how great your small business is. Consider the benefits that your customers get from using your product or service. How does your product work? The benefits will hook the customer because people want to know what is in it for them. Do you offer a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied, or does your product provide a faster way to get things done?

Track promotions
Give coupons and discounts to people that come to your site. Offer a coupon that your customers can download and print on their computer. At the bottom of the coupon create a tracking code that will help you monitor the success of your marketing campaign using your website. Capture your customers email addresses on your website, give them a free eBook, or a discount, and send them a newsletter. Newsletters are a good form of promotional material because they help you keep your company name in front of the customer.

Add multimedia to your website and offer free podcast or webinars. Create a webinar about your product or service. Use a current sales presentation, or a seminar about your product or service and how it can benefit the customer.

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